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Linear Coils comprises a group of people, all experts in their fields and globally distributed. We have pooled these resources enabling our organisation to engineer specific solutions for the needs of our clients.
Considering the experience, diversity and wealth of knowledge at our disposal, we believe that our thought processes which go into solving problems is not only Lateral but Unique enabling us to evaluate every situation from different perspectives

As of the 28th April 2011, both the Renewable Energy Bill (RE Bill) and the Bill for Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA Bill) were passed by the Dewan Negara (House of Senate).
The Bills will be gazetted for enactment by early May 2011. SEDA Malaysia will then be legally established. The Feed-in tariff is envisaged to be implemented by Q3 2011.

FiT 2011

Updated 12/04/2017


3 "New Products", Marine Digital Displays and Water conservation designs.

Linear Coils of China are in No Way affiliated to us in any way, shape or form.
They do not represent us or our products and likewise we do not represent them or their products.

New Analogue Displays in the Development Stage

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